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Stucco is a viable solution for a number of reasons; from being extremely durable, visually appealing and cost-effective. It’s an extremely popular siding material for homes, and homeowners are continuously having stucco installed or upgrading their current stucco siding. With proper maintenance and consistent care, your stucco siding’s lifespan can extend for years.

Despite this, we know that you live a busy life and stucco maintenance may not be a top priority. Stucco Wall Systems is here to help you determine whether your stucco may need an upgrade after all these years. Check out how to inspect your stucco to determine whether repairs are necessary. 

1. Inspect the Stucco Surface For Evident Issues

The most effective way to detect a deteriorating stucco wall system is by going around your home or commercial property and inspecting it. The obvious indicators of depleting stucco are cracks, any mould and odd discolouration to the surface. This may be the result of ageing or physical damage from weather conditions. Small stucco cracks may only be a cosmetic issue. However, if you detect the following cracks on your stucco, ensure you call for stucco repair in Oakville:

  • Hairline Cracks: often caused by stress or vibrations on or around the home.
  • Spider Cracks: occur because the stucco’s base coat was not cured properly when it was installed. This may be because the mixture dried too quickly or because the weather was not optimal on the day of installation.
  • Patterned Cracks: may be vertical or horizontal and indicate that the lath which the stucco lays on was not secured during installation.

2. Smell the Stucco Siding

Although it may sound like a strange request, smelling the stucco can help identify whether it’s deteriorating. If the smell emitting from the stucco is akin to growing mould, it may be a sign of mould growing in the stucco or insects and other undesirable substances.

3. Look for Streaks or Stains

When you’re inspecting the outside of the home, it may be easier to identify cracks but hard to spot stains or streaks. Brown stains and streaks under the window corners or at the intersection of the walls and roof may be an indicator of water damage. When smelling the stucco, you may detect a damp or wet carpet odour, which could be a sign of water damage or discolouration. Stucco Wall Systems is your stucco company in Mississauga who can detect and repair water damage to stucco to restore it’s interior and exterior.

For the most thorough stucco inspection, give Stucco Wall Systems a call! The most effective and trusted stucco contractor in Etobicoke, Stucco Wall Systems will examine for cracks and water damage and repair the areas to restore your stucco siding. Interested in stucco installation? Call us for a FREE quote on stucco siding for your commercial business or residence.