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Whether you’re looking to have completed a new stucco applied to your property or just a stucco repair, you need to select a professional stucco company in Mississauga. Researching the stucco contractors prior to hiring is essential and imperative to ensure your home or business property gets the best result. Choosing a stucco contractor in Etobicoke with a well-respected reputation will avoid you having to fix a bad stucco installation by an unprofessional contractor. To ensure your stucco repair or installation is done effectively the first time, check out Stucco Wall Systems’ three tips to look for in a stucco contractor.

Check If The Company Is Licensed and Insured

A trustworthy and professional stucco company should always be compliant with the contractor’s licensing board. Prepare yourself by researching the stucco company on their site. Stucco Wall Systems is a fully certified, insured and professional stucco company that has built extremely strong relationships with our clients. Our family-run company is fully insured and certified and guarantee a 5-year warranty on your stucco repair or installation. Selecting a stucco company with insurance is extremely important because if anything happens to the stucco, walls or other parts of your property due to the repair or installation, insurance protects your stucco project.

Review Past Work Portfolio

A professional business that is proud of their work will share it on their website for past and potential clients to view. Stucco repair is a highly detailed job that must be installed with care and skill. That is why it’s essential to browse through the past work portfolio of the stucco company to see just how effective their projects were. Stucco Wall Systems is extremely proud of each stucco repair and application we have done and have the proof in our gallery and repeat customers to reflect that. Our high resolution, stunning photographs of our stucco projects are examples of just how much care, passion and time we put into ensuring our client’s satisfaction.

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Access To Estimates

A stucco company that is not encouraging potential clients to access estimates is a reflection of an unprofessional contractor. Free quotes or bids are essential for you to budget, understand and reflect on what stucco project you desire with the stucco company. Inquiring of the price of stucco repair is important to have us determine the source of the problem. We’ll answer all of your questions regarding what the estimate entails and how soon you’ll receive it along with what service you’ll ultimately need.

Stucco Wall Systems is the best stucco contractor in Mississauga to ensure you get the right repairs or installation and efficient clean-up of your project. Our crew is always friendly, informative and helpful with exceptional technical skills. We understand stucco inside and out, which is why it’s in your best interest to call us for your project. Request a FREE estimate from us to get started on your stucco solution today!