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Many factors are on the table when it comes to choosing the best colour for your home’s exterior. Often used for Mediterranean or Spanish style home, stucco can add a vintage or modern look to your home depending on the colour you choose and the techniques used when applied. But before the application can begin, you’ll need to pick a colour and we’re here to help!

Choose Colours While Outdoors

To make sure the colour you choose for your home is exactly what you had in mind, look at sample colours while outside in natural lighting. Choosing while indoors will give you a false sense of what the finished product will look like, leaving you regretting your choice as soon as the project is complete. For the most accurate colour representation, step outside for a minute before making your decision. Many modern homes utilize different shades of grey to highlight different features. Contact Stucco Wall Systems today to see which colour combinations will look best for your home!

Find Inspiration

Are you finding it difficult to pick a colour scheme for the front of your house? Maybe some inspiration for home decor sources like magazines, the internet or other homes in your neighbourhood will give you the spark you’ve been looking for.

Start with Neutrals

If you want to play it safe, you can’t go wrong with a neutral colour scheme, especially if you want to sell your home in the future. Neutral stucco colours give you the freedom to plant whatever flowers you want in the front yard. It also allows you to give other, smaller areas a pop of colour without it being too flashy.

Blend Colours with Other Elements

When choosing your stucco colour, consider what other colours are already on the exterior of your home. Choosing a colour that doesn’t blend in with the rest will make your home look like a mess. If you have neutral colours all over the place, then don’t worry about choosing a brighter colour like blue or red. If you have a garden in the front yard, choose a colour from there that matches the other colours of your home.

Consider Your Roof’s Colour

The last thing you want is to have your entire house stucco painted and realize that the colour you chose clashes horribly with your roof. For darker coloured roofs, you won’t have to worry too much about your colour choice. Just remember that pairing a dark roof with dark stucco will make your house look, well, darker and possibly smaller. You might want to go with a lighter colour for contrast.

Do You Want an Antique Feel?

For an antique look to the exterior of your home, make sure a glaze colour is added on top of your base coat. Doing this will add depth to the colour as well as creating a spongy texture. However, this may cost you extra, as your stucco contractor will technically be painting your house twice.

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