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Stucco Repair

Revitalize Your Home’s Structure

Stucco is extremely durable, however over time, the stucco on your commercial or residential interior or exterior will require restoration. Exposure to harsh weather conditions, sunlight and other debris can age the stucco and cause wear and tear. Newly applied EIFS stucco is beautifully appealing, textured and clean.

When stucco loses its attractive aesthetic, often a complete or partial restoration will be required to revitalize your home’s structure. The best way to ensure that your stucco is effectively cared for is to contact our professionals at Stucco Wall Systems. Our stucco company in Mississauga have trained our professionals with thorough knowledge of stucco and how to repair it by knowing exactly what to look for. 

We Identify The Cause of the Stucco Damage

Other stucco repair companies may attempt to repair your stucco with a quick patch job. That will never be the case with Stucco Wall Systems. Our fully insured technicians will identify the cause of the damage and get started on repairs. All of our stucco repair projects are performed on time and with care the first time. 

How do we look for the damage?

Once you call us to examine the interior or exterior of your living space, we will do a thorough investigation for cracks or water damage. Once we locate the damaged areas, repairs will begin and we can determine the extent of the damage to the areas. We will match the repaired stucco to the rest of the area of the interior or exterior. The most common causes for stucco repair include:

  • Poorly done previous stucco installation
  • Shifting of your commercial or residential structure
  • Harsh weather conditions
  • Vandalism 
  • Initial stucco finish applied in cold temperatures

If you suspect your EIFS stucco application is damaged or beginning to succumb to wear and tear, contact our experts at Stucco Wall Systems for a free estimate!

A cleanup crew is always included and so is weather protection, so you do not have to worry about dealing with a mess after your project is complete

You can call us any time for a quote, and we promise to beat any written quote by 10%

A family-run crew who are fully insured and certified to work at heights, fall prevention, scaffold hazard awareness and power elevated work platform hazard training

Made with only the Highest Quality Materials

5-year warranty on our work

10-year manufacturer, moisture drainage, and fade resistant warranties

Most companies do not offer such extensive warranties, but we do because we have that much confidence in our workmanship and products.

Do not put off fixing your stucco any longer. Call us today and experience our quality and
friendly service for yourself.