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We care about every project we work on to ensure you’re getting the highest quality care for your home. Whether you want a complete home exterior transformation or want a simple, quick restoration – we will get the job done to your standard. Stucco increases the value of new and existing homes for many reasons.

Stucco’s rich colour combined with modern, architectural designs from keystones to columns, arches and more, your home’s curb appeal will be the envy of many. Our team of professional, fully certified tradespeople are passionate about enhancing homes and putting a smile on your face. Even if one day you decide to sell, you can be confident that your home’s exterior is guaranteed to impress potential buyers.

Stucco Wall Systems offers a 5-year warranty on our work and our family-run company always provides a cleanup crew for weather protection. Providing stucco repairs and new stucco application, we’re here to provide you with all of your stucco needs. 

Not all stucco is the same! There are different types of stucco as well as different application techniques for stucco. The two main types of stucco systems include hard coat systems and EIFS systems. 

Types of Hard Coat Stucco:

  • 3 Coat Stucco Hard Coat System
  • 1 Coat Stucco Hard Coat System

Types of EIFS Stucco:

  • Basic EIFS Assembly
  • EIFS Assembly with Added Water Management System

Using a certain product incorrectly can result in serious damage to your property. That’s why you should leave it to the experts at Stucco Wall Systems for accurate stucco application to your home.

Stucco Repair Oakville

A cleanup crew is always included and so is weather protection, so you do not have to worry about dealing with a mess after your project is complete

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You can call us any time for a quote, and we promise to beat any written quote by 10%

Stucco Company Mississauga

A family-run crew who are fully insured and certified to work at heights, fall prevention, scaffold hazard awareness and power elevated work platform hazard training

Stucco Repair Mississauga

Made with only the Highest Quality Materials

Stucco Repair Etobicoke

5-year warranty on our work

Stucco Company Etobicoke

10-year manufacturer, moisture drainage, and fade resistant warranties

Most companies do not offer such extensive warranties, but we do because we have that much confidence in our workmanship and products.

Our stucco services are the perfect balance between high-quality workmanship and affordability,
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