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Questions regarding the upkeep of a stucco home are extremely common, even though it’s considered to be a primarily maintenance-free material. Nonetheless, if you have or are planning on having your home’s exterior stuccoed, then here are a few maintenance tips to keep in mind.

Washing Your Walls

About two to three times a year, you should be washing your home’s exterior to help maintain the shine and colouring of the stucco. You can either do this with a simple spray of the garden hose, which works more effectively with smoother surfaces, or you can grab a power washer. Using a power washer to clean stucco will make the job go much faster and require less work on your part.

Effective Cleaning Agents

There are a few cleaners that you can utilize when properly removing tough stains, dirt, mildew and other substances from your walls. Those include simple dish soap mixed with warm water for mild dust and debris, a bleach and water solution for visible mould, and specialized stucco cleaners.

Maintaining the Paint Colour

It’s only natural for the colour of your stucco walls to fade over time, sometimes even becoming discoloured or stained in some cases. A few things you can do to prevent that from happening and preserve the colour include regularly cleaning your walls, and repainting them every three to seven years.

Sealing Up Any Surface Cracks

It’s inevitable that the surface of your stucco will crack at some point, as it’s just something the material naturally does. Smaller cracks can be fixed in a matter of minutes using a bit of caulking, a DIY project you can do yourself. If the portion of stucco is adjacent to another material, such as wood or concrete, then you can still use caulking to bridge the gap. Be sure to inspect your repair job annually, as you’ll likely have to do another round of caulking every three to five years.

Common Stucco Problems

You might run into a few problems as you’re cleaning your stucco walls, but not to worry, as these are common issues many homeowners experience. The finish chipping off is one of them, and unfortunately, it’s not something you can prevent. It’s most likely to happen when power washing or using a heavy hand when it comes to scrubbing away stains. Other common issues include staining along the wall’s bottom and larger cracks forming that need professional attention.

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