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Stucco can last a very long time if taken care of properly. But even if you’ve done everything you can to take care of it, it won’t be impervious to wear and tear over time. Hairline cracks can turn into bigger ones and your stucco could develop holes, which can let water in and lead to further damage underneath. Parts of the stucco can also fall off the surface it is adhered to, which results in loose areas that can worsen over time. So this means that small holes can turn into bigger holes with more moisture exposure and more damage.

You can follow these steps in order to repair your own stucco down below!

First, start by removing the loose or damaged stucco in the area you would like to repair. You can do this with a hammer and chisel. You need to break apart the loose pieces until you reach an area of solidly adhered stucco along the whole perimeter of the area. Be sure not to damage the underlying wood lath or sheathing.

Next, you will want to add building paper to the area. You should have enough to cover the entire area in order to create a moisture barrier between the wood and the stucco. You will need to staple two layers of building paper to the area, one on top of the other.

After that, you will need to install some metal lath. Just like the building paper, the lath needs to match with the area that you are repairing. This means there should be no gaps between lath and edges of the original stucco. Fasten the lath with roofing nails. These nails should be strong enough to penetrate one inch into the wood or sheathing.

Once this is completed, you can start mixing your first batch of stucco. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to do this properly. You will need to keep it in a shaded area and be ready to apply it as soon as it is mixed. Most quick-setting stucco has a working time of 45 minutes or less, so only mix as much as you can apply in that timeframe.

You will want to spray the edges around the repair patch with water to prevent the new stucco from drying too quickly as you apply it. Then, using a trowel, load a fist-sized amount of stucco and sling it onto the metal lath. It should hold on its own. Repeat and cover the whole area.

Apply the second, or brown, coat. In a smooth and even layer using the trowel. Then let the brown coat cure, misting it with water following manufacturer instructions.

Then mix a batch of stucco for the final, or colour, coat. This can either be standard or custom order colour to match or achieve the desired look. Apply this final coat with a trowel so that it matches with the surrounding area. You can also texture it to match the original finish and let it cure as instructed by the directions.

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